H20 Sleeve Water Tank Layout Power Supply Assemble

  Liquid Plasma is a water cooled VTTC.

Name GU10B
Type Triode
Cathode Type Tugsten, Carbonized, Direct Heating
Application Field Oscillation and Power Amplification
Brief Application Amplification, Oscillation
Envelope Glass to Metal
Cooling Method  Forced Air
Dimensions 330mmx128mm
Mass 6 kg
Filament Voltage  7 V
Filament Current 70 - 80 A
Mutual Conductance 15 to 25 mA/V
Gain Coefficient 15 to 25
Output Power 10 kW
Maximum Anode Voltage 8kV
Maximum Operating Frequency 32 MHz

In Pulse mode will push to 15kW. The specs on the GU10B require five gallons of a holding tank, so a custom aluminum tank was built to start the project.  

The water sleeve was made from 27 pounds of solid bronze thanks to Huben and his Dad!

The power supply will use a 15KVA 7KV pig thanks to Henry.  The coil required over a year of gathering parts.