N-Channel Enhancement Mode
500 V @ 44 amps
trr = 250 ns

After completing Lady Red, I now interested in Bi-polar Solid State coils or known as wave coils. Always wanted an audio modulated Solid State coil so thought it would be fun to combine BI-Polar Solid State with a Audio modulated coil. So the name given to this creature is SABSSTC or Strictly Audio Bi-Polar Solid State Tesla Coil. I had to build two driver cards as first was prototype to get the bugs out. Once I blew up the MOSFETs, my second design was more stable and now the coil can run 40 mins with no overheating or stressing MOSFETs.  SABSSTC is a low power coil as only requires 3 amps at 85vac into rectifier. There is no doubler just rectified  mains into coil. Tab on pictures to to enlarge.

Here is a video of the coil running @