Decided to build a DRSSTC Bi-Polar Tesla Coil

 just to see if it would work and to be this first!

         The secondary is 48 inches by 12 inches using 20 AWG magnet wire, 20 pounds that is. The bridge is using 200 amp 1200volt IGBT's. Rated: 200A IC, 1200VBVce,+-20V Vge. The primary is 1.25 turns of 4 AWG stranded insulated wire and yes after a run it gets hot. There is a great deal of primary current on the puppy indeed!

         The Fo = 85.666Khz. You should  keep the DRSSTC's under 100Khz due to limitations of IGBT's switching speed.

         The coil is one of the loudest DRSSTC I own and a crowd impresser; furthermore,  hearing protection is required.

   Some videos of coil @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3sY0LupNZ8A