Was lucky enough to get a large supply of 30KV 2500pf door knob caps. A BI-POLAR MARX is the perfect project for these caps. Marx generators work by charging capacitors in parallel, and then discharging them in series. The switch between parallel charging and series discharge is achieved by the spark gaps firing. This firing sequence happens in a matter of microseconds, so decided to build a trigger to control when the MARX fires and will ensure both towers  fire at the correct time.  There are ten stages per tower, 30KV per stage. That should give me approximately 600KV between towers.  The high speed diodes on the flybacks are: UF5408-E3 and have 60 per string. Hoping this will hold up to the kickback from the MARX.

The Flybacks on the left of the power box are running in parallel to feed the two towers. They have two modes of operation. Normal operation of 12 volts and a second mode of turbo giving the flybacks 24 volts for  2x power output. The additional two flybacks on the right side of the power box are the trigger flybacks. They run on one driver to ensure both fire at the same time.