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Full Bridge

200A Siemens IGBT Transistor

Rated: 200A IC, 1200VBVce,+-20V Vge

L:4" o/a W: 2-1/4 o/a" T: 2” WT: .7

DRSSTC = Double Resonant Solid State Tesla coil (FATBOY 1)

After building a 2kva DRSSTC , thought it would be good experience to go a bit larger and aim for a 10kva DRSSTC. The learning curve of the last two DRSSTC should help (I hope).

After a year of construction, this coil even amazed me in magnitude. The size of the secondary gave this coil the name of "FATBOY ".

The intent of this coil was not to just construct a coil to be efficient, but easy to transport.. Detail went into to every component and time was not a factor. Every CT is epoxy coated, even embedded high output UV LED's into plexy base of the coil. The eight fans on the base are all 12volt plastic; additionally, the fans will help with weight and also less of a target of sparks (two fans on MMC, four fans on IGBT's, one fan on voltage double and a little blower on the gate drivers and 15 volt regulator).  The FATBOY stands 8 feet as turned out to be a bit taller than expected; however, the taller the coil, the less chance of ground strikes.

The MMC is .64uf @ 10kv consisting of 105 CDET - 942C20P15K (.15mfd @ 2kvdc). The secondary is 12.75 inches x 52 inches with 48 inches of 25AWG magnet wire. 6364 feet with a calculated running frequency of 38.66 Khz. One top load is 36 inches x 8.5 inches and the second is 30 inches. The voltage double has two large electrolytic's = 12000uf @ 350 volts. 

DRSSTC are a little tighter in coupling; however, they too require fine tuning.  Built first spacer at 6.5 inches that will go between the secondary and base. Once  the coil was dialed in, will place a smaller spacer of 4.5 inches and watch for flash over.

Full power was applied and the coil was pumping  9 feet sparks when had a flash over and popped an IGBT.. A  new design with 1/16 inch copper bus on back of IGBT's. Also a new voltage doubler and big bleeder resistors are applied by relays when power is removed.

Another issue is primary tap melted, new primary tap was designed.

One of decoupling caps flashed over, so new design of decoupling MMC with double the voltage rating to 800 volts. Also added red LEDs to be triggered on ground strikes by the OCD circuit.   


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