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100kHz @ 390V, 22A

Typical Fall Time 55ns


The IGBT is a spin–off from the power MOSFET and the IGBT strongly resembles that of a MOSFET. The IGBT has high input impedance and fast turn on rate like a MOSFET.  With zero current switching or resonant switching techniques, the IGBT can be operated in the hundreds of Khz range. Although turn on speeds is very rapid, turn off of the IGBT is slower than a MOSFET. Compared to thyristors, the IGBT is faster and has better noise immunity. Since the configuration of both MOSFETs and IGBTs are so close, the change to IGBTs can be made without a redesign of the gate driver circuit. IGBTs will  remain on by keeping the gate voltage on. So off to build a IGBT……….

The secondary on this coil is 12 inches of winding on a 4 inch plexy form, 1305 feet of AWG31 magnet wire with a calculated running frequency of 118 Khz. The Primary is 5  turns of copper tubing. The top loads are one 8 x 2 inch and one 12 x 3 inch spun aluminum toroids. Maximum spark length is 37 inches.

 TAB HERE   here for 150us duration- coil gone wild!


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