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100kHz @ 390V, 22A

Typical Fall Time 55ns

Full Bridge

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The first secondary was 22 inches of winding on a 6 inch plexy form using AWG28 magnet wire, 2464 feet of wire at 112 Khz running frequency.  Achieved 50/60 inch sparks; however, the primary was drawing to much current and things were getting hot due to the high running frequency, poor IGBT's.

To reduce the running frequency, decided to wind a new secondary using  AWG31 magnet wire with 25 inches of winding with a running frequency of 69 Khz.

Primary is 9 turns of 1/4 " copper pipe. MMC is a total of .45uf @ 4kv.

Was able to achieve 75 to 80 inch sparks. Did have to raise secondary up 2.5 inches reducing coupling.

A few changes over the months trying to improve run times as high bit rate. Pulse mode just loves to put stress on the MMC, Doubler, and poor IGBT’s. Due to my heavy hand on the interrupter, have been replacing  components  trying to improve run times.  The new MMC of 3 x 10 banks of .15uf @ 2kv CDE caps. = total of .5uf @ 6KV MMC does not even get warm now.

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