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N-Channel Enhancement Mode
500 V @ 44 amps
trr = 250 ns

A modified PlasmaSonic board with a PLL feedback circuit was used for the driver board. The Primary is seven turns of solid awg-8 copper wire. The secondary is twenty inch by four inch plexy form with about nineteen inches of awg-31 magnet wire (2386 feet of wire) with a 103.1 KHz running frequency. The top load is 8 x 2 inch diameter spun aluminum with a capacitance of 8.83 pf. I did run into a little problem with racing sparks up the primary, so enclosed the primary wire with clear tubing. No issues now, even with humid wet days in the lab. This also helps in safety as completely covers the high current primary, less chance to zap a finger! Maximum spark length is about 19 inches @ 120 volts. This was built for long runs as has three fans to ensure diode and MOSFETs stay cool. A nice little VARIAC brings up the power slowly.  

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