A new Power Controller for FATBOY is a must indeed! My old 12 amp 240 volt variac will be retired to run the BI-Polar.

Time to pull this 50 amp 12 brush Variac out of storage and build a nice Control Box.

Larger variacís are getting harder to find, this one was made in the 40ís. It was used to dim lights in an old theater, cost was $100.00 on ebay, however,  shipping was $240 as all the way from Maine.

Required over a year to find the 75 amp EMI filter off an old Navy ship.

Three digital temperature read outs, one for each core, and an air for reference.

Thanks Dr. H. for the 80 hours he dropped into it and another 100 or so on my part.

Building a rolling crate to enclose variac on road trips as beast is almost 200 pounds. Nice project to complete indeed!

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